Committee Description:

Bikranta Bista - Chair of Media & IT

Media and I.T. Committee maintains an up-to-date website that serves as an essential communication tool for students and alumni. It also finds new ways to improve the website and its accessibility to alumni and other parties outside Baruch College. The committee is also responsible for the photography and videography for all Sigma Alpha Delta events.


  1. To inform those who possess an interest in our prestigious organization including current members, potential prospective members, the Baruch College student body, and even professionals.

  2. Use the latest in multimedia technologies to maximize communication & outreach by providing an interactive media link to Sigma Alpha Delta and externally to the Baruch College community as well as to our general audience.

  3. To teach committee members the importance of emerging technologies as well as give them real world experience with said technologies.


  • Create 1 project in Media and IT (Photography, Videography or Programming) that helps benefit and elevate Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society or participate with us in a hackathon

  • Attend 2 mandatory committee meetings




Vice Chair of IT
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Developing and overseeing materials needed for our Programming Workshop Series.

    • Keeping a record of those who attend the Programming Workshop Series.

  • Developing and maintaining this website.

  • Preparing and guiding prospective members for our first CUNY hackathon team.

  • Collaborating with the Vice Chair Event Management to plan outside IT events.

Jennifer-Lyn Youberg
Vice Chairs of Photography
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling photographers for Sigma events

  • Keeping a record of photography equipment availability for events

  • Developing and overseeing the Photography Workshop.

  • Developing and overseeing the Adobe Lightroom Workshop for editing photos

  • Collaborating with photographers in editing photos for Sigma Albums

Vice Chair of Events Management

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborating with Vice Chair of Photography and Vice Chair of Cinematography to conceptualize and develop promotional multimedia for diverse forms of social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

  • Collaborating with the committee to develop and oversee materials needed for interesting and beneficial social events.

    • Keeping a record of those who attend social events

  • Surveying and polling Media & IT events to better understand how to improve the committee and its events.

Vice Chair of Cinematography
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Creating videos to share on our social media and website.

  • Working alongside the Chair of Event Management to create promotional multimedia to promote Sigma events.

  • Developing and overseeing the Adobe After Effects Workshop for video editing.

  • Developing and overseeing the Videography Workshop.