On August 18th, 2018, Sigma Alpha Delta almost didn't have its annual BBQ. Having planned this for many weeks, we expected things to run smoothly. But, you can’t always get what you want. What kept us on our toes was the dreary weather. It had been raining for the past few Saturdays and this Saturday wasn't any different. During that morning, we had a debate about whether or not to cancel the BBQ altogether. There was only one more weekend until school and it seemed like the weather wasn't getting any better. So, with no other options, we decided to bet on a miracle.

Fast forward a few hours later when we reached Lighthouse Park. We raced to secure a grill for ourselves. Ironically, we secured the grill, but did not have any coal. We were worried that we would not have the food prepared on time. Another table had extra coal, so we took a chance and asked if they would give us some and maybe help us start the fire. They did and we were really grateful. When we got the fire started, everything seem to fall into place. As soon as the food arrived, we began grilling the meats and preparing the salads. Thankfully everyone was patient. Despite everything that went wrong, we were able to still have a great time. We were holding own against professional volleyball players from the other tables. We also had an impromptu three-legged race. Let’s just say coordination is not what Sigma is known for. There were also prizes two $5 Starbucks gift cards so let’s congratulate the winning team! While everyone else was doing their own things, Jamie and I decided to explore the island. It was so pristine and picturesque, a brief respite from the cacophony of the city. I felt both revitalized and dreadful at the beauty of the island and the realization that I’d have to go back to the busy city and back to college. There were also geese walking around but we didn’t get the chance to take a photo. They disappeared.

As the event was coming to a close, the dark clouds were slowly creeping in with a strong and intimidating breeze. A storm was coming, but for now it felt nice after enduring the sauna-like weather.



Audrey Yee