Dumbo has been one of my favorite places to visit in New York. It is a place that you can certainly walk around for hours and never get tired of it. Every time I go there, I see tourists on the streets taking the famous picture of the Manhattan bridge in between the two buildings. I always found it funny because there are always cars passing by but the tourists don't care and are so determined to take that perfect photo. Also, you know it is a great place to take photos when you regularly see mobile hordes of weddings and Quinceañeras traversing through the sea of models, photographers, and tourists.

When I got to Dumbo, some people were already there. A few minutes later, Jamie, my friend and Vice Chair of Photography, said, “Is that Alan?” I did not know either, but you don't know what you can get entangled in when approaching a NYC stranger. Finally, we found our courage. We decided to just ask because why not. My first impression of him was that he is incredibly friendly and very casual. We all introduced ourselves and just waited for the models to come. One thing that he did which was incredibly admirable was that he ran up to this person to ask if he was also able to model for us as well. We started on color palettes to provide a deeper understanding of how to use color in our photos.

We were given the chance to direct our first model. This gave me a chance to step out of my comfort zone since I mostly take pictures of random things or landscapes. This was an opportunity for me to step into a photographer’s shoe to experience what it feels like to be in their place. I have to say that it is not as easy as people think. In the mind of a photographer, there's a lot of intricacy and detail that goes into every photoshoot from finding the right colors to consoling a model. I feel like Melina Cen Xie, a prospective, came into her own in this workshop. She directed and engaged the model with outlandish ideas like phone reflections and diverse angles.

Special thanks to Kevyn Garcia, treasurer and amateur videographer, who encircled our crew capturing every moment.

kevin lam