Spring 2012 Induction

Spring 2012 Induction

Albert Mathew

Hello! I'm Albert. I'm a sophomore majoring in CIS.

I like to:

  1. Play and write music
  2. Spend time with friends
  3. Play video games

Here's one website I find interesting called Soundcloud. It's a place where you can find music made by just about anyone.

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Me playing Baseball! 

Valicio Palha

Hi, I'm Valicio. I'm a sophomore majoring in CIS. 

I like to:

  1. Laugh (a lot).
  2. Play sports/video games/chess.
  3. Enjoy the small precious moments in life!

One website I think is interesting is TED.com, it's a site where ideas are presented to people in a new light by way of presentations or talks. There are so many things one can learn just by watching a presentation from this site, for example, you can learn how to tie your shoes the right way or how to read people's body language.

Alejandro Jimenez

Like a Baossss!

Hi I'm Alejandro. I'm a sophomore majoring in CIS, too  =D.

I like to:

  1. Play the keyboard.
  2. Mess around on the computer.
  3. Play video games...........alot.

One of the greatest websites that I came across is khanacademy.org. It is an awesome website which helped me survive high school since my teachers couldn't teach me anything (with the exception of a couple). 

Rahul Tora

Inspiring others.

Hi I'm Rahul. I'm a sophomore majoring in Psychology. 

I like to:

  1. To play basketball.
  2. Socialize.
  3. Read self-help books.

A website I love is Ebay.com. Ebay has almost everything that you want for a great site.  I always go to Ebay first to buy any books I need for my classes.  But I also buy other items such as clothing and electronics.  I have won several bids from Ebay. 

 Just another day at the High Line

Just another day at the High Line

Thinh Kenny Vu

Hi, my name is Thinh Kenny Vu, I'm majoring in statistics.

I like to:

  1. Try cooking
  2. Research/read news on upcoming companies
  3. Play games

A website that I enjoy is Trello. It's a great web app that helps organize projects very easily.

Sam Falletta

Hi. My name is Sam Falletta. I'm majoring in Actuarial Science.

I like to:

  1. Go to the movies
  2. Work out
  3. Watch sports

A website I like is Wolframalpha.com. It is a computing engine that can be used in a wild variety of subjects.

 My phone needs a better camera.

My phone needs a better camera.