For incoming freshmen seeking to join Sigma Alpha Delta, please apply to our Freshman Committee. The
Freshman Committee is guided by the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Secretary. In
this Committee, freshmen will learn the culture of Sigma Alpha Delta and of Baruch College. With the
one-on-one guidance from the executive board, students in this committee will have a great start to
the beginning of their undergraduate career.

The purpose of the Freshman Committee is for members to get their foot in the door of Sigma Alpha Delta's
on-campus life. Members of this committee will participate in professional events to learn how to network
and speak to professionals. They will also learn how to build social relationships with other clubs to expand
their network within Baruch. The main goal of the Freshman Committee is for members to step out of their
comfort zone and experience what it means to be a part of our honor society.

All general requirements will need to be completed in the Fall in order to advance to the Spring semester.
In the Spring, our Freshman Committee members who qualify the requirement of a 3.5 GPA (with exceptions of a
3.2) will choose one of the pre-existing committees to join and must complete the committee requirements
to be formally inducted.

**No Chair and Vice Chair positions will be available for this committee.**