Melisa Cen Xie

Accountancy, Spring 2019

Hi All! I am Melisa and I am currently a senior at Baruch. I have joined Sigma on Fall 2017 and ever since then, I have met amazing and inspiring people who are willing to help those who wants to learn and grow! I enjoy being pro-active and helping others with the best of my ability. If you ever see me at Baruch, don’t be afraid to approach me and say hi to me! My goal for this semester is to create a flourishing community within Sigma Alpha Delta and provide different opportunities for students to develop their leadership and personal skills.


Yukie Wong
Vice President

Finance, Fall 2019

Hi, I'm Yukie and I am currently a senior. I enjoy meeting new people, working hard for my goals, traveling, and watching The Office. As Vice President of Sigma Alpha Delta, I hope to add to our community of dedicated, hardworking people through mentorship, teamwork, and building our diverse network. 


Michelle Xia
Executive secretary

Finance, Spring 2020

Hi! I'm Michelle and I'm the Executive Secretary of Sigma Alpha Delta. I'm currently a junior majoring in Finance and minoring in Graphic Communications. Sigma was one of the very first clubs I joined ever since I started in Baruch and it's definitely the place where I grew both personally and professionally. As Secretary, my goal for Sigma is to ensure that everyone also have the same enjoyable experience that I had. Aside from that, I really like meeting new people and exploring all sorts of food places. Definitely feel free to say hi to me in the hallways!


Kevyn Garcia

Mathematics, Fall 2019

Hey, I am majoring in mathematics and minoring in Theatre. I plan on conquering the world through creativity, knowledge, and logic. And by the world, I probably mean my goals. If you join Sigma Alpha Delta, you will meet some amazing, goal-oriented, and smart individuals. If that is not what you are looking for, our events will also have free food.