Committee Description:

Nikhil Noronha - Chair of Corporate Communication

The role of the Corporate Communication Committee is to help develop students’ communications skills. These skills are expected to help students develop academically, professionally, and expand their networks. Throughout the year, we will conduct communications skill-building workshops, attend and market our Society at corporate and networking events, and help spearhead and co-sponsor Sigma and Baruch events.


  1. Create an educational environment in which our peers, from Sigma Alpha Delta and Baruch, can develop the skills to become more effective and efficient in their professional lives.

  2. Foster a sense of comradery amongst our peers at Sigma Alpha Delta and Baruch.

  3. Serve the Baruch community through the organization of relevant events focused on the development of their personal brand image and communication skills.


  • Attend 2/4 workshops hosted by Corporate Communications

  • Have an active LinkedIn account and connect with the Chair and Vice Chairs

  • Attend a committee social




Rui Qi Sim
Vice Chair of Corporate Communication

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Assisting Chair and Vice Chairs with all Committee activities and tasks.

  • Managing and coordinating events and tasks that Chair is unavailable for.

  • Assisting with bi-weekly Committee activity report.

David Tropiansky
Vice Chair of Operations

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Researching relevant corporate and networking events, spearheading them with the student team, and helping students market the Society and each other to professionals and potential employers.

  • Networking with professionals and helping to coordinate workshops and events.

  • Making student attendance in workshops and events.

Gigi Kaur
Vice Chair of Student Affairs

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Tracking and updating students about their induction progress.

  • Responding to students’ questions, concerns, or suggestions about the Committee and Society in person and via emails.

  • Assisting with outgoing Committee emails about workshops and events.

  • Managing the committee's marketing and social media presence.