Xin Ling (Michelle) Li

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta since:                     Fall 2009

Baruch College Date of Graduation:                      Spring 2011

Country of Origin:                                                     China

Date of Bio:                                                               Fall 2011

“You will only learn when you take yourself out of your comfort zone”

Michelle was raised in Queens, New York and attended Cardozo High School. In her senior year, Michelle heard about the private school Windsor and wanted to take the opportunities they offered.  After graduating as an exceptional student, she was driven by her interest in the business world to attend Baruch College (CUNY). Attending Baruch College, she majored in Finance and minored in Political Science and received her B.B.A. in the spring of June 2011. She plans on attending graduate school soon, but first would like to achieve an adequate amount of work experience specializing in her major finance.

In her freshman year in Baruch, Michelle regrets to say that she was not as active as she would have liked to have been. Early on, she struggled in college due to lack of motivation, poor studying habits, and ineffective networking. She didn’t understand initially how working hard in school will pave the way to a better future and not just academically, but universally as a well rounded woman. Michelle did take a semester off as a freshman for an opportunity to work for Disney in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. When she returned, she heard from classmates about the great opportunities Sigma Alpha Delta provided, so she decided to join. Having joined, she never thought she would receive benefits that exceeded her expectations. She met great people that supported and motivated her to reach for new heights.

In the Honor Society, Michelle got the opportunity to become Vice Chair of Events Management and appreciated every moment of it. Michelle also went on to become Treasurer and following that semester, Vice president during Jennifer Cobo’s presidency. She describes her experience as one that she will always remember because it allowed her to challenge herself and exceed goals she had set out. In her senior year, she became Executive Consultant to the incoming president. She states “This society is more than any other honor society. You d

on’t pay a fee like others and get qualified to come in. You have to show your efforts of contribution to the society, by being active and engaging your peers. When it’s all said and done, you will receive a reward and positive return for your investment that will last a lifetime. Through your contributions to the society, you become skilled in areas such as public speaking, relations management and networking. When you join Sigma Alpha Delta, you leave Baruch as a capable and confident individual. I am so happy I joined.”

Michelle Li is an upstanding young woman who currently works for J.P. Morgan in North America Equities Client Services. She attended Baruch College full-time and work part time around the campus as a peer mentor. During her works in school, Michelle worked as a Product Control Intern at the Royal Bank of Canada. Prior to receiving a full time position with J.P. Morgan, She worked at the leading financial giant as an intern in Equity Finance. As an intern, she was very determined and passionate to get her name known. Putting in the long hours and exceeding expectations, she achieved a positive impression amongst her upper management, which resulted in the full-time offer. In an interview with her she states “It was when my manager gave me the lead task as an intern to handle a project, my sigma experience kicked in. I was able to accomplish the objectives asked of me with superb results, which had my managers really impressed.”

Motivated by the experiences her family had transitioning from living in china and coming to America, she will always remember what her family has overcome. She states “they worked hard for me and made sacrifices that I cannot and will not take for granted. I owe it to them to become the exceptional woman that I know and they know I can be.” She goes on to explain how her grandfather played a major role in her life. She states, “My Grandfather is a great role model and sacrificed a lot for my family. He has always been brave and strong when challenged by life obstacles, such as losing sight in one of his eyes. I had a close relationship with him and he always said work hard Michelle.  Make your family proud and after he passed away I feel like I owe it to him, plus I owe it to myself!”


“You should always be open minded and try to look for new obstacles to overcome, even when it seems impossible. It is better to challenge yourself and fail, rather than not try at all. Sigma has opened many doors for me that I never thought existed and it has helped strengthen valuable traits such as networking, procedures for interviews and leadership skills.”