Teesha Bhola

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta Since: 2004 – 2007

Baruch College Date of Graduation: May 2007

Major: Finance and Investments

Minor: Psychology

Success is a process, not just a state in progress.

Upon entering Baruch, Teesha Bhola was certain that she wanted to do something with “numbers and investments.” This led her to become a Finance major, a decision fueled by the belief that the field of Finance & Investments serves as an “underlying foundation for understanding how any business operates.” Teesha’s experience at Baruch with Sigma Alpha Delta not only changed Teesha personally, but guided her to a successful career as a Financial Analyst for JP Morgan Chase.

In May of 2006, Teesha began her career as a participant in a competitive 10-week internship program with JP Morgan. Through the program, Teesha supported the Technology & Operations Training and Development Group. In this role, she obtained and utilized organizational, strategic, and analytical skills, while reporting to senior management. Teesha’s dedication led to success within the internship program, which helped her unlock myriad career opportunities.

Soon enough, Teesha was accepted into JP Morgan’s Analyst program. The program allowed her to rotate within various units of the firm, assuming different roles and responsibilities. Her first rotation was for six months as a Management Services Summer Analyst. She then went on to fill the position of a Treasury & Security Services Analyst for 10 months. As a TSS Analyst, Teesha worked on cost cutting and waste reduction initiatives with the End-user Productivity Management Team. In July 2007, she was appointed as a Compensation & Analytics Analyst. In this role, she supported front office market teams and was responsible for planning, communicating, and administrating employee compensation worldwide. Bhola has already served eleven months as a Treasury Services Market Research Analyst. Currently, she is in her last rotation as a Client Research Analyst.

Teesha’s dedication to Sigma Alpha Delta was recognized early on as a prospective member. She was selected to organize the first Baruch comedy show. The show’s success encouraged her to run for chairperson of the Events Management Committee. The role of Events Management chairperson prepared her to run for, and win, the Vice Presidential seat in 2004.
Reflecting upon her time as a member of Sigma, Teesha says:

It was the highlight of my college days to be so involved in school and to organize shows that people not only came to, but raved about. My favorite moment was after I gave a speech at the New Candidates Rendezvous (a spin on the New Candidates Dinner). I had a student come up to me during the night and tell me that they were so inspired by my speech that they wanted to be in Sigma and one day stand on the same stage and address the students. Sure enough, exactly one year later – they did.”

As Vice President, Teesha collaborated with diverse individuals, improved her time-management skills, networked, and created lasting relationships. When asked “how did you contribute to Sigma’s success?” Teesha modestly replied, “It’s not really the individual that changes Sigma. It’s Sigma that changes the individual. Collectively, the organization is made successful by the contribution of its dedicated and motivated members.”

As a child, Teesha Bhola was modest and shied away from the spotlight. Yet, in May of 2007, she graduated from Baruch, Magna Cum Laude. She has advanced as an empowered woman and professional, who has plans to continue her education. Despite her accolades, Teesha enjoys life’s simple pleasures. She has a passion for traveling, and calls a recent trip to Rome “enlightening”.

In reference to her success, Teesha cheerfully quotes The Joker in The Dark Knight when he says, “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.” Although the words of the villain were meant to reinforce evil in the film, Teesha has tweaked the phrase to suit her own philosophy: “If there is an obstacle in your way, push ahead. Push through the resistance. All it takes is a dream and the will to do it. Go ahead. Move those mountains.”