Syedur Rahman

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta since:                     Fall 2009

Baruch College Date of Graduation:                      Spring 2011

Current Residence:                                             New York City, NY

Country of Origin:                                                       USA

Date of Biography:                                                     Fall 2011

 “In Union there is Strength”

Syedur Rahman attended the Life Sciences High School in the Upper East Side. Throughout his years there, he had no educational inspiration and had no plans to further his educational career. His chief objective was to play on the school baseball team. His dreams were shattered when he tore his ACL during try-outs. With graduation around the corner, Syedur began to take an interest in his Economics class. He says; “After learning all the theoretical processes in my Introduction to Economics class, I decided to further continue learning business in a well-known business school. At this point in my life, I took the first steps to applying to Baruch College.”

Being a student at Baruch College, Syedur learned countless new skills and techniques that helped him strengthen his professional capabilities. When Syedur first came to Baruch he was reserved and mainly focused on his studies. He would go to classes and spend time at night in the library, studying and doing homework. After about six months things began to change. Some of his new acquaintances suggested that Syedur check out the club rooms and maybe join a few clubs. At first, Syedur was reluctant, but after meeting new people and enjoying the friendly atmosphere, Syedur decided to join a club. After researching other clubs, Syedur felt the Honor Society Sigma Alpha Delta was best. He says; “At first, my acquaintances dragged me to different club area and now those same acquaintances became friends that I cannot picture a life without.”

After participating in Sigma, and spending time in the club rooms, Syedur realized he was now more outgoing and was able to strike up a conversation with almost anyone. Soft skills, like communication and being personable, which cannot be taught in a classroom, is what Syedur gained through his experiences. Syedur says: “Baruch College really assisted my developing process and made it possible for me to survive in the corporate world.” When asked about what he would have changed about his time at Baruch, Syedur said: “That first semester I spent in Baruch College, if I can change one thing, I would take that semester and be more involved in Baruch Campus life.”

When asked about why he chose Sigma, Syedur brought up the story of “The Magical Pizza”.  Syedur states, “It wasn’t the pizza that captivated me even though it was great, it was the people that created the magic.” Syedur recognized the social benefits of joining. He says; “The bond between the Executive Board, the friendships between current and former members of this prestigious honor society persuaded me to join and become a part of the Sigma family.” The relationships Syedur saw develop through Sigma were enough to convince Syedur that Sigma was right for him. Syedur spent his time in Sigma building close friendships, networking, and enjoying each other’s company. He says; “from the day we met till the day we graduated and after, we all still remain friends.” Having wanted to develop long-lasting relationships, Syedur’s list of peers he met through Sigma is exhausting. Syedur says; “I remember a lot of my peers, such as; George Matthew , Derek Santos, Shaif Uddin, George Matthew, Najeeb Alam, Qamar Islam, Debby Lee, Megan Dong, Randall Romain, Adam Camacho, Vita Kazais, Jeffrey DeJesus, and the list goes on.”

Syedur states, “I joined Sigma because of the amount of resources they offered, but I stayed because of the friendships and the fun times that surprised me along the way.” Syedur considered joining the Executive team, but instead chose to study abroad. Despite the fact that Syedur was not part of the Executive team, he was still able to utilize all of the valuable resources Sigma offered. In addition to establishing long-lasting personal relationships, Syedur met his future co-worker while networking at a Sigma event. This future co-worker offered Syedur an internship and all Syedur had to do was to prove his worth, which he was more than capable of doing. To Syedur, the most memorable experience in Sigma was Fall 2009 Induction Ceremony. He says; “no words I can write will ever capture the essence of the night.”

Syedur currently works at a Joel Isaacson & Co., a Financial Planning and Tax Planning firm. His day-to-day activities include extensive research of varying and diverse markets, preparing reports, providing guidance and assurance for clients. Syedur guides individuals of high net worth through the investment process of the modern market. He prepares reports for his clients to assure them that even though the market looks bleak today, tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to make safe and secure investments. Syedur tells his clients; “short term volatility does not heavily impact long term planning.” Syedur is able to confidently provide successful financial services while maintaining a calm and relaxed environment for his clients. Syedur enjoys his work because; “of the amount of input I have in my firm.” Syedur began his career at the firm as an entry-level intern. Through hard work and dedication Syedur was able to work his way up to a full time position. His valued opinions on many controversial topics, such as the Federal Reserve and their manipulation tactics, made him stick out in a positive way, which helped him secure a full-time position. Although Syedur recognizes that he is in control of his future, he still has no concrete plans on where he sees himself down the line. He says; “I have a vague image of a happy but simple lifestyle and that suffices for me. I hope to reach that goal soon enough.” To Syedur, being happy and content is more valuable than chasing money, which in many cases, leads to unhappiness.

Whether given an opportunity or creating his own, Syedur embraces life and seeks to learn by gaining from his unique experiences. In just 4 short years Syedur has travelled to more than 40 cities across 16 countries. To Syedur, the United States is viewed as his neighbourhood. He has already adventured through the mid-west and is currently in the process of planning a trip to the west coast. Being a native New Yorker coupled with attending Baruch College, which was ranked third on most diverse schools in the country. Syedur has been exposed to many diverse cultures. When Syedur reflects on his travels he says; "Nothing can enlighten a New Yorker anymore than realizing how small the world is and the many different cultures around the world"

As cliché as is it, Syedur’s motivating factor in life is his future. Syedur says: “Things that happened in the past is out of our control but our future is the only entity we can manipulate and make our own.” By attending Baruch and joining in Sigma, Syedur built himself a good foundation. By attaining additional experience whether through work or travelling, Syedur is able to strengthen his foundation and is in the process of building a rewarding life for himself and others.


“Whatever an individual can do, a team can do it better.”