Shaif Uddin

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta since:                     Spring 2009

Baruch College Date of Graduation:                      Spring 2011

Country of Origin:                                                     Bangladesh

Date of Bio:                                                                Fall 2011

Motto- “Through Adversity and through the stars”

Shaif Uddin is currently living in Queens, New York.  Shaif has numerous interesting goals in mind, professionally and personally for his future. He states, “Career-wise, I would like to become an MD of a division. Would it be in the current division I am working in? Not sure as of now, however, within the very near future, I am planning to get my Masters in Accounting, get an MBA, and try to climb up the corporate ladder.” Continuing to pursue a higher education is one way Shaif hopes to quench his thirst for knowledge. For his personal goals Shaif says, “One of my biggest dreams is to travel to a few foreign countries. I always wanted to see Japan, Egypt, Greece, Brazil, and a few other places. I hope to go to each country in the near future. That is one of the main goals that I am trying to focus on now. “ 

At his time in Baruch College, Shaif majored in Finance and Investments, and minored in Psychology as well as Business Communications. Shaif states, “I chose Finance as a major because I felt it gave me a more broad access to different fields, as compared to accounting or marketing. I was very good with numbers, able to form different calculations on Microsoft Excel, and always had an interest in the corporate world. One feature of finance that I really enjoyed was the aspect concerning hedging against risk using derivatives.” Prior to college shaif received a public education in New York City, although attended one of the top schools the City had to offer. Shaif attended Brooklyn Technical High school, one of the few specialized public schools in NYC and was admitted after taking an exam the school requires applicants to pass before being admitted. Shaif states, “Public education was great, because I felt it gave me access to all type of cultures, ideas, and especially different viewpoints. Brooklyn Tech is the most diverse high school in NYC, so it definitely helped me have an open mind and educate myself on the type of people that form New York City. Of my immediate family, I am the first to graduate college in America.”

As recent graduate of Baruch College, Shaif was offered a job as a Credit Risk Analyst with a well-known company in New York City, UniCredit Bank AG. He is still considered a new employee, but has already learned a great deal from working with the company. What Shaif loves most about his new job is the people he has met and his amazing team. Relationships were an important consideration for Shaif, when deciding on where to begin his professional career. He came to value them so much during his time as a Sigma Alpha Delta member and as a leader. He also enjoys the personal growth that his job helps to create. Shaif credits his enjoyable job atmosphere to all of his friendly peers as well as the vast amount of knowledge he is acquiring by working with experienced people. He says, “I’ve always had a thirst of knowledge and growth”. Shaif entered the workforce with excellent skill sets in reporting with different programs, but the more projects he took on, the more he was able the grasp a greater knowledge and appreciation for his work. He states, “Many of the projects I handle are challenging, yet interesting. And there is a great satisfaction when I finish a challenging project.”

Shaif joined Sigma Alpha Delta in the spring 2009 semester, but was active within Sigma since fall 2008. Many of his friends were already in Sigma Alpha Delta, which was enough to convince Shaif to join. For Shaif, Sigma made everything within Baruch delightful.  Shaif states, “Baruch was boring until I joined Sigma”. He remembers the relationships he made within Sigma as some of the most meaningful experiences in Baruch College. Members like Najeeb Alam, Hosni Mubarak, Jennifer Cobos Michelle Li and Holger Briones created the Sigma magic for Shaif and made his time within Baruch enjoyable. Sigma also helped him grow personally because of all of these new relationships. The only thing he regrets is “not joining earlier”.  He said that Sigma “looked like it would take a lot out of me but it helped me more”. He put a lot into Sigma but he also gained a lot in return.

Sigma allowed Shaif to grow professionally.  He held his first position ever as Chair of Events, during the fall 2009 semester. According to Shaif, the semester ran smoothly and everyone had fun while at it. Shaif states, “The fact that he was able to have so much fun while being a leader was icing on the cake.”  Shaif went on to be Treasurer in spring 2010, where he managed quite well to juggle school work and Sigma responsibilities. This experience taught him the value of time management skills and allowed him to come out of the semester much stronger. One memorable task was the Oxford debate on Abortion, which he spearheaded. He was motivated enough during his time in Sigma to run for President in fall of 2010.  He won the election and made the motto for the semester: “Through adversity and through the stars,” which was well earned.


 “The only time you should be looking down at someone, is when you are giving your hand to help them get up”

 “In order to succeed you must first fail and always believe in oneself no matter what the circumstances entail.”