Samantha Enteles

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta since:                     Fall 2003

Baruch College Date of Graduation:                      Spring 2005

Current Residence:                                                         Westchester, NY

Country of Origin:                                                           USA

Date of Biography:                                                         Fall 2011

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do”

            Samantha Enteles was inducted in the fall of 2003, under the presidency of Carlos Coto. She remembers the time in Sigma Alpha Delta as one with the family. She states, “Every time I walked into the Sigma club room, there was this warm welcoming. I remember great people like Carlos Coto, Dmitrijs Nahajs, Natamil Abreu, Sanja Barich, and so many others, but the list would be too long. We were all super busy, but I remember being a part of Sigma always sort of felt like a family at school.” In Sigma Alpha Delta, Samantha was very active and attended a majority of volunteer events. She enjoyed participating in the events that the Honor Society provided and says it was a real helpful experience to partake in. Her contribution and volunteering to the society had led her to receive an award at her inductions ceremony. She unfortunately missed receiving it at the ceremony, due to the fact that she was out helping someone. Samantha advises members to embrace the time being a part of Sigma Alpha Delta and the opportunities the society provides throughout the semester. She states, “Enjoy your time at Baruch and with your fellow Sigma members because after you graduate, you will always have something positive to look back on. I remember even when things were tough and I felt overwhelmed, there was always something awesome going on!”

            As an Undergraduate in Baruch College, Samantha majored in Journalism and minored in Sociology. She always enjoyed writing prior to college. She appreciated the practice of investigation, reporting of events, issues and trends to a broad audience in a timely fashion. With the economy and Job market in a decline transitioning into the 2008 recession, Samantha found it hard, like other students to find a job. Samantha states, “The obstacles that I faced are common, the job market and economy were not in good positions so I decided to go back for a master's degree in liberal studies, but even after obtaining that there were no really viable job options.  So it forced me to take a job that I was not necessarily interested in, while I reevaluated what I wanted to do with my life. Being at Baruch definitely helped shape who I am today in many different ways.  I still find myself calling upon all of the skills that I obtained as a journalism major, especially when put in a situation that requires the ability to look at something from an objective position.  I also feel that the science courses that I took at Baruch also helped put me on the path I am today.”

      Today, Samantha is enrolled in school for a science degree in Radiologic Technology. Prior to coming to Baruch College, Samantha attended the High School for Environmental Studies, which specialized in the sciences. She goes on to explain that taking classes with wonderful teachers in the sciences at Baruch College had revitalized her interest in the medical field.  She states, “I had excellent science professors who made the material fun and understandable, which fostered my interest in the field. It is almost as if I was meant to make a career in the science field when I think about High School and my enthusiasm in Science classes.” Throughout Samantha Enteles time in school, whether it is pursuing her bachelors or masters degree, Samantha always excelled in her classes and graduated with honors.  She intends on obtaining her degree in Radiologic Technology soon and is considering furthering her education in the medical field, while working in a hospital.

Samantha’s motivation and inspirations come from her drive to succeed. She believes everyone in life should do what makes them happy for their career and believes everything happens for a reason. She only wishes that she would have realized what she knows now about herself, earlier in her academic career. If she could change one thing, she would have pursued a degree in the sciences earlier. Samantha states:

“When there is something that you know you should be doing and it helps not only yourself, but other people too. That alone is inspiration enough to make me want to succeed and continue even throughout the toughest times.”