Martha Negron-Solarte

Chancellor of Sigma Alpha Delta: 2001

Major: Management Information Systems

Martha A. Negron-Solarte is one of those rare hardworking individuals who can balance their work life with strong familial values. She and her two siblings were raised by her mother in her native Columbia where there were little opportunities for an uneducated woman. Despite these challenges, her mother was able to raise her kids and bring them to America. Negron considers her mother to be one of those everyday achievers who goes unnoticed; her greatest inspiration to strive for excellence while being humble and kind. Following her mother’s example, her self-proclaimed greatest achievement is raising her two kids, aged 10 and 16. They are the force that drives her everyday.

Martha emigrated from Columbia in 1980. She later attended Laguardia Community College while working full-time. After earning an associate’s degree and aspiring to become a Business Analyst, she came to Baruch because of its reputation as the best CUNY for business. Whereas many college students may only have a part-time job while attending Baruch, she managed to work full-time while taking evening classes. Despite her intense schedule, she became committed to what she considers her second family: Sigma Alpha Delta. She heard opportunity beckon to her when she was invited to join this evening honor society. She saw it as a chance to give back to the Baruch community as well as to benefit the greater good. She was also intrigued with the leadership roles offered.

In Sigma, she forged many lasting friendships and met many interesting Alumni. She thoroughly enjoyed the society’s volunteer events and its focus on giving back to the community. The self-confidence that she got through her leadership experiences as the Alumni Relations Chancellor and her management courses at Baruch have gotten her through many tough binds in her career.

Originally, she considered pursuing a business oriented career. However, since she wanted to start a family, she decided to enter a more stable field of study. Thus she graduated with a Management Information Systems degree. Currently, she works as a database administrator at Viacom, (a Fortune 500 Company) and she considers this job to be both interesting and challenging. She feels that the increasing off-shoring of skilled technical work to countries with cheap labor costs may seriously impact her position. To combat this, Martha hopes to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and perhaps partner with some of her colleagues to create their own employment.

Outside of the workplace, Martha leads a very balanced and enriching life. She particularly loves reading and belongs to a reading club. Her other hobbies also include craft-making, visiting museums, and travelling. While these activities have taken a back seat during these challenging times, her philanthropic ones have not. As part of her book club’s volunteer activities, she helped prepare a Thanksgiving basket to needy families. Martha also donates clothing 3 to 4 times a year to Columbia to families in need. In addition, Martha volunteers at her children’s school. She considers these donations of time and money to be very fulfilling and a way to give back some of the wealth that America has given her. She recommends students to follow the creed given by her children’s karate instructor:

“To build true confidence in the knowledge of the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body.
To keep friendship with one another and to build a strong and happy community.
To never fight to achieve selfish ends and to develop might for right.”

These are the values that Sigma Alpha Delta strives to achieve. To that effect, she encourages students to participate in as many committees within Sigma as possible, as well as the numerous volunteer events to gain the full Sigma experience and to expand the “grand legacy” of Sigma Alpha Delta.