Lionel Wynter

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta Since: 2003 – 2005

Baruch College Date of Graduation: 2005

Major: English

Minor: Political Science

A habitant of the East Village neighborhood, Lionel Wynter was able to accomplish many feats during his tenure at Baruch College. By accepting an invitation to join the Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society, Wynter was able to unlock extraordinary opportunities that would not have otherwise been available. For Wynter, Sigma Alpha Delta boosted his confidence. It offered him the opportunity to take on several different projects, which allowed him to improve his time management skills and manage “a multiplicity of duties [while] still maintaining a high output.”

Lionel also credits his time management skills to his military training and his maturity. Wynter was able to juggle many extracurricular activities such as, being a regular contributor to The Ticker, SACC tutoring, and the Fitness Center; all while being an active member of Sigma Alpha Delta.

Lionel’s involvement in the latter two organizations brought about an activity that he would go on to pursue seriously: bodybuilding. Wynter enjoyed co-organizing competitions with Max May, a former president of Sigma Alpha Delta. Wynter’s passion for bodybuilding is best noted today, as he still returns to Baruch College to organize competitions with Elman Isakov, Baruch’s current fitness instructor. Unfortunately, Wynter thinks Baruch can do more to encourage bodybuilding as a sport. He feels “disappointed that future administrations [of Sigma Alpha Delta] have not done anything to maintain events involving bodybuilding.”

Apart from working-out during after school hours, Wynter worked towards graduating from Baruch as an English major. Focusing on English as a major allowed him the opportunity to excel in a subject that made him a better person. A fair critic of Business majors, Wynter assesses, “so much attention is given to the Zicklin School of Business and business classes that many fail to see the value of the Liberal Arts School; and more specifically, the amazing quality of the English professors in Weissman.”

Lionel enjoyed every moment of being an English major at Baruch College; it was the main reason why he chose to become an English lecturer at Rutgers College. He finds his career extremely satisfying, but he understands that he still has a lot of accomplish. He admires standards set by Baruch professors such as Kevin Frank, Doris Darin, Calum McCann, Paula Berggren, and Harry Brent.

As advice for the younger generation, Wynter states: “Do not avoid leadership opportunities. Do not be lazy. Take chances, take the initiative. Become well-rounded individuals and you will reap positive rewards in the future.”