Kadri Augustin

Baruch College Date of Graduation: Spring 2011

Major: Political Science

Country of Origin: France

Written by: Michael Arnold, Spring 2012


“Try to have as much fun as possible. Cherish your college years. Be bold in trying to meet new people.”

Kadri Augustin, Class of 2011, is a recent Sigma Alumnus. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York and lived in Avignon, France for a year after high school. He majored in Political Science during his time at Baruch, and quickly landed a job with Fidessa Corporation, an international financial software company, upon graduating. Kadri is a billing analyst, a position that he describes as “dealing with invoicing and travel expenses.”

        Kadri works at Fidessa’s New York headquarters in lower Manhattan, and enjoys the company's “wonderful atmosphere.” “The people are nice and friendly. It’s business casual everyday, and we have a decent amount of dress down days,” he said.

        Kadri is nostalgic about his time in Sigma, and Baruch in general. He fondly recalls going out to a school in the Bronx with other inducted members and teaching a fifth grade class for a few hours. Beyond volunteer work, he also misses the good times he had going out around the city with friends from school.

        His motivation to work is stability, but also the hope to eventually work for himself and “do something great at some point.”

        Having just graduated college, he is trying to start two businesses:  a consulting firm for small businesses, and an import export business - primarily exporting American goods.

        Kadri’s future goals include expanding his businesses and working for himself by age 30. “By 30, I want to be a millionaire,” he said jokingly.

        His advice to current Sigma Alpha Delta-ers: “Try to get the best grades you can. However, employers don’t only look at GPA, they look at your overall experience. If you’re able to work and have a 3.5 or above, it shows that you can excel.”

        Kadri also emphasized the importance of networking, as well as having fun in your college years. “Try to have as much fun as possible. Cherish your college years. Be bold in trying to meet new people.”