Jennifer Cobos

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta since:                     Fall 2008

Baruch College Graduation Date:                           Spring 2011

Country of Origin:                                                     USA

Date of Bio:                                                                Fall 2011

“Carpe Diem – Seize the Day”

Jennifer Cobos was not brought up into wealth. She is the first American generation of her family. Her mother was born in Colombia and her father was born in Ecuador. Growing up, she watched her family work hard to make sure she had a better life, which was an experience that motivates her to reach new heights. She states, “My dad always worked hard in order for my family and I to have the life he never had back in Ecuador. He's the kind of person to work seven days a week in order to make sure that everyone in my house has what they need.” She describes how the men in her life have really played an important role in her development. When she joined Sigma Alpha Delta, She had met her current boyfriend former President Hosni Mubarak and he has inspired her dramatically. She states, “He redirected me into becoming more of a professional and being able to focus on what I needed to get done in my life, he's the type of person who will help in order to make others succeed.” Jennifer explains that even though she may not have given a life of gold or wealth, she has people in her life that are precious to her like gold and in that, she is surrounded by wealth.

Jennifer Cobos is a strong independent woman, who is currently working as a Manager in the well renowned American department store, Macy’s. Prior to working in the field of her preference, she has gained an impressive resume having affiliations with some of the top companies in the U.S. and the world. In the past, Jennifer Cobos has worked as an intern manager at The Hertz Corporation. Hertz is the largest general used car rental brand in the world and provides all types of cars, including luxury brands like Cadillac or Mercedes. As an Intern Manager, she acquired a strong basis in customer service and a great appreciation working with people. Jennifer has also worked at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill-Cornell Medical Center. New York Presbyterian is the top hospital in New York and is ranked six in the nation. The hospital contains lead specialists in every field of medicine and has an irrefutable reputation for excellence in the health care field.As an individual that enjoys bringing quality to an organization, Jennifer worked as a talent acquisition specialist and valued the experience she obtained.

Graduating in spring of 2011, Jennifer was offered a job in Macy’s as a Sales Manager. She states, “I love working in Macy’s being that it gives me the opportunity to manage a staff of people within my department, while helping in their development in being top sales representatives through the experiences I’ve acquired, like being with Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society. Being able to apply what I have learned to develop my staff will excel them to the next level of their working careers and I have seen this already. Besides that, I do appreciate discounts on great clothing lines.”Jennifer Cobos majored in Marketing Management and minored in Psychology at her time as an undergraduate at Baruch College. She joined Sigma Alpha Delta in the fall of 2008. Jennifer joined the Volunteer Committee wanting to make a difference, especially considering she is a personable individual who is always interested in lending a helping hand. The following semester she went for the Chair of the Volunteering Committee and resulted in having the best semester in Baruch College, being that she worked with great people helping through volunteer service. She co-chaired the committee with Holger Briones, a great contributor to Sigma Alpha Delta. Jennifer introduced along with the organization GLASSShe learned a lot during that semester and created strong relationships with the committee, which still continue today. She went on to become Vice President, during the Presidency of Najeeb Alam. She states, “The Sigma E-board bonded very well and created great relationships through compromise, which reflected positive through our completion of our goals.” Following her two great semesters as an Officer in Sigma, Jennifer decided to run for President and won the position with her friend Michelle Li as vice president. She had a great semester with chairs that went above and beyond their duties, of which she states has developed her talents greatly.  “Don't hesitate in giving a helping hand. Your help can be that motivation that a person needs."

“Always network and communicate. You learn how to be honest with yourself, about yourself and with everyone around you. The benefits of Sigma include meeting great people, enhancing your public speaking, gaining support, and building a great network. I have gained a great respect for the people I have worked with and I hope to continue working with in the future.”