Jason Yabrough

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta Since: 2007 – 2008

Baruch College Date of Graduation: January 2008

Major: Human Resource Management

Motto: “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”

Success is in the grasp of the driven—those who are guided by their faith, confidence and their insatiable curiosity for knowledge and new experiences will encounter an unmatched form of success. Jason Yarbrough is one of these people—he has an aggressive outlook for his future. This ambition and intellectual nature enabled him to work with one of the leaders in the financial industry, J.P. Morgan & Chase. Jason endeavored to become a retail management trainee and is currently working as a personal banker. Like most successful people, he has further plans promoting his career. He is in the process of acquiring his licenses by taking the Series 6 Financial Certification Exam and the Series 63 Life Insurance Exam.

As a child, Jason’s emerging financial career was not evident. He was fascinated with technology, engineering and speed—all of these infatuations engineered a desire to become a train operator. Although he would later choose another route, this interest showed his great potential. His passion for acceleration, technology and engineering would manifest in another field—Wall Street.

Jason graduated in January of 2008 and his major during his tenure in Baruch was Human Resource Management. The major gave him the necessary knowledge to work for J.P. Morgan & Chase. His ultimate goal, however, is to become a full-fledged Recruiter for JP Morgan Chase. He aspires to dissect the talents of aspiring applicants and recruit qualified College Grads. Quality is mandated by a revered firm such as JP Morgan.

In the fall of 2007, Jason was the Chairperson for the Public Relations & Marketing Committee. However, the semester commenced with him as a Vice Chair of PR & Marketing. With the sudden and inexplicable departure of the Committee’s then Chairperson, Jason was entrusted with the position of Chairperson. He had to organize and consolidate the trust of each individual member. He was able to effectively operate his committee and establish an admirable reputation for Sigma Alpha Delta within Baruch. From his experiences as chairperson, he was able to develop decisional, interpersonal, and informational roles that are necessary if one desires to be a successful professional. This led him to be prepared for the real life situations of uncertainty and risk. “You have to be able to troubleshoot. I didn’t know I was going to end up as the Committee’s Chairperson, but I needed to assume ownership of my position. I think I did that, it was an epiphany for me.” Jason noted.

To him, Sigma Alpha Delta was an inspiring and productive experience which refined certain intangibles one cannot encounter in classrooms. Jason learned how to confront challenges because the experience was “hands on and prepares anyone for the business world.”

“To prospective members within the Sigma Alpha Delta family, ask yourself what you can do to make Sigma better” Jason concludes. He believes that once in an organization, one should fashion his or herself as if they were the President. Once a person has this mentality, they will generate innovative ideas and quickly ascend to the ranks of leadership. “People need to leave their hubris’ at home—you cannot work cohesively with a group if you feel you are better than them. We are in an age where competency and ethics is of great value to an organization’s purpose in society. Individual egos must be confronted and debunked.” Jason says. His belief that an “I Care? I Can” attitude is truly an embodiment of his personality. To this day, Jason wears his Sigma Alpha Delta pin as a badge of honor and encourages Baruch’s most prominent minds to become members.

“I love Sigma Alpha Delta to this day, my memories with Sigma cannot be bartered or exchanged.”