Inna Rubinstein

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta Since: 2007 – 2008

Baruch College Date of Graduation: Spring 2008

Major: Finance and Investments

Motto: “Never give up your dream and you can accomplish
anything you set your mind to.”

Such optimistic statements almost seem unreal. However, what makes these statements reality and not cliché is the hidden effort and drive that has to be put behind each word. Neither of those two life guidelines can be followed by sitting around. No, each require a passion, drive, and conviction in one’s goals and capabilities. Inna Rubinstein, a graduate of Baruch College Spring 2009 Cum Laude, is still very visible within Sigma Alpha Delta. She is a person who possesses these qualities. But were they always visible? That is the question….

Inna was born in Kazakhstan, a country in central Asia. She didn’t come to the United States until she was fifteen years old, whereupon, the only person she knew was her uncle. Such a drastic change in environment might have caused another to regress. However, although it was new for her and a bit scary, she didn’t allow it to deter her from her goal, which was her education. Her family believed in her enough to send her here and she was determined not to let them down. Her family’s hopes and dreams continued to be her motivation and support system that carried her through her American high school days and drove her to seek beyond this scope and look towards college. Although she was unsure of what her major would be, or even what her future would entail, she decided to attend Baruch College, a decision that would alter the course of her life.

When Inna was younger she had wanted to be a doctor; however that dream was short lived and came to an abrupt halt with the first couple of graphic doctors’ movies. Thus, she approached Baruch with a blank slate as to what she would do. The only thing that remained was a passion and longing to help others. That passion was still submerged and had yet to find the right outlet. But her time without a set path was coming to and end. The first step toward expression was a required course that every Baruch business student has to take, macroeconomics. Her first experience with economic study was micro economics, but that didn’t leave a pleasant impression on her. However, the second part of economics, macroeconomics (or ECO 1002 as it is known within Baruch), forever changed the altruistic nomad into an expeditionary. In macroeconomics, she had finally found something that she was naturally good at and that she enjoyed.

Her convictions about her newfound passion only grew stronger when she interned at Leeb Capital Management, a small investment company. Previously she had interned for Merrill Lynch, as a financial advisor. At Merrill Lynch, she learned how to bring in clients, but she doesn’t feel she received enough hands on experience there. It was interning at Leeb Capital Management that showed her that she was truly in the right field. Inna worked with them for over a year, during which time she got chance to hold a wide array of positions and duties, thereby getting a chance to experience every side of economics. For example, answering emails from clients who wanted to know about the markets led her to become very informed about the markets as well. At other times she Inna was asked to do portfolio reviews, or review financial holds, and to create spreadsheets of data. Throughout her stay at Leeb Capital, Inna got a chance to experience many things, no doubt mainly because the company was so small, but also because of the fact that she was willing to accept the challenges that were heaped upon her. In one instance, the company lost an employee, and Inna was tasked with doing the work that used to be done by the other person in addition to her own work. At Leeb Capital, Inna  proved to herself and others that she can handle workplace responsibility and thrive under diverse corporate circumstances.

Although, her internships were a great help, they were not the only things that allowed her to know that she could get things accomplished. Her roles within Sigma Alpha Delta also made this very clear. Inna held two positions during her time with Sigma, which allowed her to gain things that she had not fully gotten from anywhere else: applicable skills such as leadership and bartering and getting to know herself and the full extent of her capabilities. The first position that Ina held was as cold contactor of the Alumni Relations Committee. Her cold-contacting experience in Sigma broadened her scope and ameliorated her communication skill set. She was eager to converse with Alumni about nuanced experiences and project herself as a dedicated and diligent addition to the Sigma Alpha Delta family. The next position is where she truly realized her capabilities. Inna was elected to be the executive secretary the following semester. Through this position it became her responsibility to host one of Sigma’s most memorable annual events, the Induction Ceremony, thereby pushing her into being a leader. She however didn’t buckle under the pressure but rose to the occasion, doing all that was necessary to make sure that the event was a success, even going to the Undergraduate Student Government and appealing the amount of money Sigma had received for the event. The student government officers gave her the money, an accomplishment that was due solely to her passion and drive. Inna admits that she “still feels empowered after” that event and all that she had to go through to make sure that it was a success. Through the opportunities for leadership that Sigma Alpha Delta offers Inna was able to grow to be a confident person who knows that as long as she sets her mind to something, it can be accomplished.

The empowerment that she received from being within Sigma Alpha Delta has not faded. Inna has new goals before her.  She wants to teach economics and do research or work in the Federal Reserve and do research for them. She intends to go back to school in September 2009, finances permitting. She has also found a balance within her life; retaining her social life along with her professional goals, a task that is by no means easy to accomplish.
Inna is truly an exceptional woman, who although may seem quiet a first glance, is a one who rises to the occasion of whatever is asked of her. I believe that she shall be a wonderful professor, if that is the course she thus chooses, for she shows such passion when it comes to her work. This passion shall allow her to captivate the students, for when she puts her whole heart into things it seems as though you are hanging on her every word. Although she is still full of conviction because of her experiences, it is the ones who originally gave her the strength to succeed that are truly influencing her now, her family.  They are the ones which motivate her to do better, for both herself as well as them. And despite what obstacles may arise I’m sure that she shall never give up on her dreams, until the day that they are dreams no more.