Hosni Mubarak

Major and Minor: Finance and Investments, Law

Graduation Year: 2008

Active in Sigma Alpha Delta: 2007-2010

Date of Biography: 2012

Motto: Fortune favors the bold

       Hosni Mubarak is one of Sigma Alpha Delta’s success stories and is a prime example of how Sigma members shape and are in turn shaped by the organization. Originally from Bangladesh, Hosni and his family immigrated to the United States in order for Hosni to obtain a much-prized Western education. Although he came from an educated family, with his maternal grandfather founding the first English speaking school in Bangladesh, Hosni’s parents never fostered an atmosphere where Hosni felt that he must compete against others academically which he feels helped him develop intellectually. He was a student athlete in high school and freely considered himself to be popular. That all changed when he came to Baruch College. He very quickly lost touch with his high school friends and felt that he didn’t fit at Baruch where the atmosphere was much more professional than it had been at his high school. Hosni became very introverted and had trouble making new friends. It was at this point that Sigma Alpha Delta came into his life.

        Although at first Hosni had stayed out of student life one of the few friends he had at Baruch invited him to attend a Sigma Alpha Delta info session. There he met another Baruch acquaintance, Daniel LaMazza, who was already an active member and on a whim signed up to join his committee. Even though at first skeptical about joining, a failed get together with friends spurred him to attend the first Alumni Relations meeting. It was around this time that Sigma Alpha Delta was starting to undergo drastic changes with the fee requirement for induction being replaced by a service requirement. Following an inner voice Hosni decided to run for the position of Alumni Relations Chair, a position he won and so became a member of the Fall ’07 E-Board led by President Daniel LaMazza. As Chair of Alumni Relations Hosni branched out learning how to be a better public speaker and becoming more known around campus. It was as Chair of Alumni Relations that he was able to coordinate and host the First Sigma Alumni Social, a feat that had been tried and failed at least five times.  Full of confidence from his time as Alumni Chair Hosni successful ran for and won the position of Vice President. Despite having found his time as Vice President unsatisfying Hosni’s ultimate goal became to win the presidency. However, his confidence of his future victory alienated many members of Sigma and the

E-Board. Although Hosni attempted to mend fences and drastically changed his attitude the damage had been done and he was forced to run contested, something that had never before happened in Sigma history in regards to the presidency. However, his skills as a public speaker allowed him to obtain victory thus giving him the chance to prove himself to the society.

Thus began what is known as the Golden Age of Sigma and what he recalls as one of the greatest experiences of his life to date. Under his presidency Sigma gained over 200 new members, the second Alumni Social had over 100 people in attendance, was able to set up a tour of the Stock Exchange, hosted Club Mansion, a non- profit event and many other new events. Among the constitutional changes that he and his E-Board made was the rule that a member couldn’t run for the position of President before serving on the E-Board first. Upon the completion of his term as president he was asked by the new president Yaphet Murphy to serve in an advisory capacity as Sigma Alpha Delta’s Executive Consultant, a position that he held for two years.

Today Hosni Mubarak is a Financial Analyst working at JP Morgan Investment Bank. Looking back at his experience at Baruch College and with Sigma Alpha Delta Hosni feels that there is nothing he would change about it given the opportunity. He sees everything that he has done as a learning experience and feels that he has learned a lot both from his own mistakes and other of others.