Fernanda Arantes

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta Since: 2008

Baruch College Date of Graduation: Spring 2008

Major: Communications and International Business Administration

Motto: “Never judge a book by its cover”

As a child, Fernanda had dreams of the future, desiring to be a flight attendant. Even though this dream did not come into fruition—a different dream took flight as she desired to grow and develop skills that would lead towards success and excellence. These skills would allow her to navigate through different professions and find a suitable niche in the business world.

Fernanda was a student in Baruch and she graduated with the class of 2008. Taking advantage of the school’s Ad-Hoc program, she had the ability to create her own major. She combined her Communications classes with International Marketing to create Communications and International Business Administration.

One of her mottos is “never judge a book by its cover.” It is true that first impressions can be misleading, a person can be quite opposite of what they initially appear to be. A second motto of hers is “treat everyone with respect.” You never know who you will bump into later on in today’s busy world, so it is always good to make new friends and sustain them. In Sigma Alpha Delta, she has made many friends. Her fellow members were all hard working individuals who acted in consistence with their beliefs. They were very inspiring to her and she feels fortunate to have met them and to have been part of the organization.

In Sigma she was part of the PR & Marketing committee. She held the title of Specialist and had aided in marketing Sigma events through Facebook and Blackboard. Being a part of Sigma helped her gain confidence, improved her social skills and opened up many networking opportunities. Participation in the vast number of events in Sigma has further developed these skills. Her participation in the organization has been an inspiring adventure, especially since she felt so welcomed and appreciated by the core membership. She appreciates the great amount of respect and dignity she received from the organization, making her whole experience a refreshing one.

Today Fernanda works in the Communications Department at the New York Stock Exchange. She has worked there for ten months as an intern. Even as an intern, she is exposed to the same work as her fellow associates that have worked there for several years, gaining the skills necessary to tackle the vigorous and tumultuous marketplace. Before this, she had interned for four months at Citigroup in their Alternative Investments Department. Citigroup was her “foot in the door” to the NYSE. She gained invaluable skills which refined her pursuit of being a consummate professional.  Fernanda is an undeniable success story—a prospective member who utilized the wealth of networks and leadership opportunities prevalent within Sigma Alpha Delta. She has utilized each experience to refine herself, as an individual, professional and leader.