David Maldonado

Baruch College Date of Graduation: 1999

Major: Finance and Investments

Country of Origin:

Written by: Moshe Israilov, Spring 2012

Rome wasn’t built in one day”

            Inspirational is a precise way to classify David Maldonado. He has proved it by going through tough obstacles and being someone Baruch students can look up to. David went to Baruch College from 1995 until 1999, graduating with 3.6 GPA, Bachelors in Finance & Investments, with Summa Cum Laude. Alumni of Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society, he’s currently the Vice-President of Investments at UBS Financial Services and a father of two girls. All his success had to come from hard work and his devotion to his goals.

            David Maldonado went through tough times during his college career. Going through the rigorous curriculum of a finance student, working fulltime, and taking care of his first child, he didn’t have the option of enjoying college life and being active in this wonderful honor society. His goal was to graduate as fast as possible and Baruch helped him with their flexible schedules. Baruch College was just right for David; it’s in the heart of New York City and close enough for this young adult from Williamsburg to take care of his family. Already having two jobs as a student and father, he found another, working in the non-profit sector, soliciting contributions for the UJA Federation, then for Chubb Group, and Gulf Insurance, a subsidiary of Citigroup. His career in the insurance industry had him overlooking special projects and underwriting insurance coverage, a job the typical finance major at Baruch College would kill for.

            Upon graduating from Baruch College, David hit gold, working for Morgan Stanley as a Senior Sales Assistant, a position he was fortunate to receive, thanks to a family connection. Shortly after, he obtained his Series 7, 31, 63, and 65 security licenses. Along with obtaining those licenses, David passed the Certified Financial Planner’s examination, which he is most proud of because of the year and a half he devoted for preparation using the American College core curriculum. That’s a difficult task in order to obtain the financial services industry’s most highly recognized professional certification designation.

            With all his training and licenses, David had improved overtime. He was awarded the National Directors Award in 2001 and 2002 for his accomplishments within Global Wealth Management. By 2005, he was promoted to Associate Vice President and Vice President in 2007. After staying in Morgan Stanley for 10 years, David accepted an opportunity to transfer his team to UBS Financial Services, while being scouted by other major financial companies. For UBS, he forms portfolios by investing in stocks and mutual funds with low volatility, oversees estate management, and financial planning for clients. He also works closely with executives, pension plans, and small business owners to formulate concise financial plans. He has enjoyed his time with both companies due to their low hours and the gratitude he brings his clients.

            David has admitted his lack of activity in Sigma during his time at Baruch College, but one has to understand his circumstances. One of his regrets has been that he wasn’t apart of Sigma and that he didn’t enjoy college life more. His words of wisdom for current Sigma students is to not get complacent with where you are now. He believes students shouldn’t stop working towards their goals because once you stop; it’s hard to get back on track. Those beliefs go along with his motto of: “Rome wasn’t built in one day.”