Daniel Gomez

Member of Sigma Alpha Delta since:                     Fall 2006

Baruch College Date of Graduation:                      Spring 2009

Country of Origin:                                                     USA

Date of Bio:                                                                Fall 2011

Networking, differentiating yourself…..equals success!

Daniel Gomez completed both his undergrad and graduate degrees at Baruch College Zicklin School of Business. Daniel obtained a BBS in Finance and a Masters in Accounting. He describes his time at Baruch as a rewarding experience. Daniel comes from a single parent household and owes a lot to his mother for her hard work. He describes how he is very fortunate to be able to come to such a respected College and is appreciative to have the opportunity to utilize the offerings Baruch has given him. Looking up to his brother, Daniel was recommend to get involved in the clubs Baruch College offered. Taking this recommendation, Daniel was heavily involved on campus. As an Honorary President of ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting), Daniel developed sincere relationships with the Directors in Student Life at Baruch College. He was constantly in and out of the career center, speaking with recruiters and other distinguished professionals.

As a member of Sigma and a President in ALPFA, Daniel collaborated with President Hosni Mubarak of Sigma Alpha Delta to create an event titled “Brand Yourself.” Daniel explains how the event was created to give students in the school an opportunity to network by communicating accomplishments and objectives to professionals. Daniel states, “What you say about yourself on your resume, on the Internet, or in conversation, including interviews, needs to be consistent. In today’s competitive environment, marketing and differentiating yourself from other job seekers leads to Career Success!

When asked whether he would change anything in his college experience, Daniel replied “I would have focused on my studies more. Having good grades is a requirement and essential to obtaining an internship. Beside this, I would have joined great establishments like Sigma Alpha Delta and ALPFA earlier.

Daniel currently works at Pricewaterhousecoopers, one of the big four Accounting firms. He just finished the companies training program and is eager to apply his new skills at work. Daniel is currently working in the products and services division within PWC. I

n his first year with the firm, he will be working with technology and media entertainment clients. Daniel states he is very interested in learning more about retail consumers, business structures, and technology. “Your number one priority is to have great output when it comes to work.” Daniel is dedicated to his job and is willing to make sacrifices in order to attain his goals, per se; one day becoming a partner or CEO of a firm. Daniel views his time at PWC as being a CEO in training.  Daniel does not see himself working in the same company for more than 5 years. He wants to get promoted to a managerial position and then seek opportunities elsewhere. However, if Daniel truly enjoys his working environment, he would stay for a long time and try to make partner. He seeks to become a decision-maker, while generating income and fostering new relationships with clients. Daniel is also very involved in giving back to the community and intends on becoming a mentor for Baruch College students. He is part of the Professional ALPFA Organization and participates in volunteer events his employer PWC administers.

Daniel recommends student to take all the opportunities Baruch College offers. He states, “I do not recommend working, while in college. Do very well in school and make sure you have a good GPA and get involved throughout the campus. Getting involved on campus is crucial to securing a job upon graduation.” Daniel also recommends members to take themselves out of their comfort settings, relevant to networking. He explains, “Do not think that because you are comfortable networking in your own club, that you will be ready for networking in professional settings like PWC or J.P. Morgan. Get out of your comfort zone and diversify your networking skills with other organizations like ALPFA, Ascend, and NABA. Establishments like Sigma Alpha Delta are great to enhance ones abilities, but always remember to diversify your experience pertaining to professional environments.”

“Students need to network with club organizations and not just the ones you are comfortable with. Take yourself out of your comfort zone. In the real world you will be networking with people that you have never met and you need to have experience in this setting. I am glad to be a part of organizations like Sigma Alpha Delta. You meet great people, while learning about your strengths and weaknesses.”