Clinton Walker

Baruch College Date of Graduation: 1999

Major: Accounting

Country of Origin: USA

Written by: Robert Gozdx, Spring 2012

“Be confident, but not arrogant.”

Clinton Walker was born in New York City. He grew up and was able to attend Baruch College, where he joined many clubs, one of them being the Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society. During his college years, Clinton majored in Accounting. Shortly after becoming a student at Baruch, he was invited to join Sigma Alpha Delta and after hearing positive reviews and enjoying what he had heard at the informational session, he decided to join and become an inducted member of Sigma. During his membership in Sigma Alpha Delta, the motto was “Together We Strive For Success”

Clinton was in Sigma for seven years because he was a part-time student at Baruch. What he enjoyed and what benefited him in Sigma was the meetings that Sigma held. These meeting had many great “guest speakers from many different organizations who talked and presented about their companies.” Thus, he got much useful information out of them, information that helped him throughout his college years. What he also remembers most about Sigma was the great people that he met and the great end of the school term parties that were thrown by Sigma.

During his Sigma years, Clinton was part of the volunteer committee. In it, he volunteered at children charitable organizations, where he helped box up toys “to send out to children during the holidays and helped monitor and play with children at benefit parties.” Within Sigma, Clinton also held the executive position of the Treasurer in 1998 and in 1999. Throughout his executive board membership years, Clinton worked with the following e-board members: Joel Torres (Chancellor 1998-1999), Rachel Moore (Secretary 1998-1999), Margie Wolmard (Vice Chancellor of Membership 1998-1999), Patrick Grant (Vice Chancellor of Programs 1998-1999), and Maria DiNardo (Chancellor 1997-1998).

Overall, Clinton enjoyed Sigma and all that it had to offer. Sigma enhanced Clinton’s “ability to work with people to obtain a goal.”  It also reinforced his appreciation for the different personalities of other people, since Baruch had and still has a high diversity level. Most importantly, Sigma helped Clinton to become “open minded and to realize that there may be many ways to achieve a goal.” All these lessons helped Clinton succeed in Baruch and land him the interesting job that he enjoys today.

In addition to Sigma, Clinton also joined other clubs at Baruch. During his membership, “one of the requirements of being in Sigma was to represent Sigma at two meetings a school term at the Evening Session Student Assembly (ESSA).” The organization concerned itself with the issues of evening students at Baruch. Clinton liked the club so much that after two meeting, he decided to join it and became a member of ESSA. His time in ESSA, 1998 and 1999, “was very political, which is why it was merged with the Day Time Student Assembly after June 1999.”

Clinton Graduated Baruch College in June of 1999. If there was one thing that he would have done differently in his student years in Baruch, it would have been to “attend summer school more often to graduate sooner.” Baruch College is not the only college that Clinton attended. In addition to a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Baruch College, he also has an Associate in Applied Science Degree from Borough of Manhattan Community College.

Currently he is a tax auditor for the California Franchise Tax Board and has been at the job for twelve years now. He enjoys the job due to the numerous “traveling and research” that it requires. Currently, his plans for the future are to “stay healthy and try to enjoy life” as much as he can. Where he works now “the future is uncertain.” That is why Clinton wants to enjoy life and live it to the fullest for the time being and hope for the best in the future. Most of Clinton’s current readings include “tax news letters from various sources” since that is what his job entails. An interesting fact that few people know is that Clinton has “hundreds of albums, cassette tapes and cd’s” and that he can also record them and make them MP3 format so he can store these songs and albums onto his computer.

The most important piece of advice Clinton can give Sigma members and Baruch College students is to “be confident, but not arrogant.”