We are the oldest and most accomplished Honor Society at Baruch College, having meaningfully served the college and the community for more than 80 years. Our society is exclusive to Baruch and is not part of a national organization. As such, our current and former members have a very close relationship to this organization. The society is run by students who want to make a difference in the community and improve the quality of life at our college. Concurrently, they make lasting friendships with fellow honor students and develop essential leadership skills.

Sigma Alpha Delta’s history began originally in 1932 with Sigma Alpha, the first Honor Society in Baruch College. The Delta Chapter for evening students was created in 1959. Both Sigma Alpha and its Delta chapter have been come to be collectively known as Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society.


The Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society seeks to provide continuous support for its members in their pursuit of academic excellence, valuable communitarian contributions and sustainable networking opportunities, all with a focus on diversity and for the betterment of present and future generations.


  • Develop leadership skills
  • Provide a family environment for both prospective and inducted members
  • Provide opportunities for professional development and networking
  • Encourage personal growth


Sigma Alpha – Honor and Service Society at Baruch College was born to it in 1932 as an elite honor society. At the time, the college was called “The School of Business and Civic Administration” until 1953 when it was renamed to Baruch College. Back then, the college was part of The City College of New York (CCNY) which had two branches, one uptown and one downtown. The “downtown campus” was located in the landmark 18 Story building on the corner of 23rd St and Lexington Ave, New York City, which now is a part of Baruch. Thus the downtown campus was known as The City College’s “School of Business and Civic Administration”, as above, and was founded in 1919. It, in turn, replaced the previous name of “The Free Academy” that was founded in 1847 which was the first free public institution of higher education in the nation.


Sigma Alpha Honor Society’s mission was twofold, one complementing the other. Its first purpose was Scholarship. The College’s best students who excelled in academics were brought together through the society where they could socialize and form lasting friendships. Sigma Alpha’s second and more important purpose was Service. Its members would use their acumen, combined with good character, to help other school members in whatever way possible and to better their environment. The combination of these two functions was to make Sigma Alpha over the years more integral to the infrastructure of Baruch College than any other society and unique in its mission.

Sigma Alpha’s constitution stated (taken from the Lexicon 1959):

The purposes of the society are to develop, coordinate and improve the co-curricular life in the College, to foster closer relationships between faculty and students, and to instill in its members a spirit and idealism which will inspire them to lead their fellow students in working for the enhancement of the college.