Requirements & F.a.q


What are the requirements to become an Inducted Member?

1. You must have a GPA at Baruch College of a 3.5. We make the exception for a small portion of members that have a 3.2 GPA, as long as they contribute significantly to the Honor Society.

2. Join one of our seven committees.

3. You must attend all these events within the semester you are attempting Induction: Two Volunteering Events, Two On-Campus Events, One Sigma Social Event, One Co-Sponsored Event, Two General Meetings, as well as any other requirements within your respective committee.

4. Provide a professional resume for review.

5. Provide a transcript from Baruch with 12 credits earned or currently in progress, or a transcript from another school that demonstrates 12 credits completed. You still need a Baruch GPA as a transfer.

How do I stay an active member?

1. Attend one General Meeting a semester.

2. Attend two On-Campus Events in the same semester

What is an On-Campus Event? When are they offered?

On-Campus Events include our Alumni Mentorship Dinner, Career Panel, President and Deans’ Reception, Charity Gala, and many more. These events are designed to develop your knowledge in a multitude of different fields, ranging from networking to corporate experience.

What is a Sigma Social?

Our socials provide an experience to interact with our Executive Board and other members in an informal environment; to explore New York City with friends and make connections that go beyond Baruch College.

What is a Co-Sponsored Event?

Co-Sponsored events are events hosted by other clubs in Baruch’s Student Life, that Sigma believes will develop your social or professional skills. These events can be found in our weekly Newsletter or on our Facebook page.

What is a General Meeting? When are they offered?

General Meetings inform prospective members about upcoming events, feature guest speakers, or include team-building exercises. We offer these meetings either on Friday nights, or during Club Hours (12:30-2:30PM) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


When and where are the Volunteer Events?

Service in the community is the core of Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society. We offer an array of volunteer opportunities throughout many of the different boroughs across New York. A weekly volunteer newsletter is sent out to prospective members to update them on available upcoming events that occur on different days of the week.

How can I get more involved in Sigma Alpha Delta Honor Society?

Whether you were inducted a semester ago, a year ago, or are currently pursuing induction, Sigma offers leadership roles to those that qualify. Please reach out to a Committee Chairperson for more information or to interview to become a Vice Chair. Every Spring we hold elections for the following year’s Executive Board positions. 

Does it cost anything to join?

No, your active participation in the Society will be payment enough to the organization, college and community at large.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to our Executive Board, or reference the Sigma Alpha Delta Constitution.

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