Events Management

Committee Description

The Events Management Committee strives to efficiently and effectively coordinate constructive events, plan and utilize resources ahead of deadlines, emphasize the allocation of funds that are available, successfully execute events, and to continue to serve as ambassador to encourage qualified students to join.


  1. Plan, execute and evaluate events
  2. Manage and utilize resources effectively
  3. Strengthen teamwork and employ/ utilize everyone’s unique capacities
  4. Continuously educate members on a variety of skills

Hongji Chen - Chair of Events Mgmt.

Vice Chairs

Vice Chair of Event Analysis

  • Events planners have to formulate a blueprint for the event two weeks before an event
  • Takes place and has to submit the finalized blueprint to the President, Vice President, Secretary and Business and Events Chairperson
  • Must create the work schedule for the entire committee at least 1 week prior to an event

Vice Chair of Operations

  • Consistently takes notes during committee meetings
  • Takes attendance during committee meetings
  • Consistently monitors active membership within committee and reports active members to Executive Secretary at least once a month

Vice Chair of People Specialists


  • Talks with students actively and professionally in the events to absorb more prospective members
  • Continuously educates members on a variety of skills
  • Strengthens teamwork and utilizes everyone’s unique capacities