Alumni Relations

  Davon D. Thompson -  Chair of Alumni Relations

Davon D. Thompson - Chair of Alumni Relations

Committee Goals: 

Our honor society has the distinction of leading the College for over 80 years. Over that time, we have had numerous distinguished alumni make an impact on campus and beyond. Our committee’s mission is to strengthen those bonds and bridge the past and present.


  1. Launch outreach campaign to engage alumni

  2. Chronicle Sigma’s collective history and craft member biographies

  3. Host high-caliber professional and social events incorporating alumni

  4. Develop mentorship and network relationships

  5. Enhance communication and technical skills of committee members

Vice Chairs

Vice Chair of Data Management & Analytics

  • Update website with alumni information

  • Gather new data and manage existing database

Vice Chair of History & Outreach

  • Assemble history of Sigma’s eras

  • Contact alumni and compile individual biographies

Vice Chair of Operations

  • Event Planning, Project Management

  • Internal/External Communication